May 30, 2012
Center for Democracy and Civil Society

D&S Vol. 9 Iss. 2, Summer 2012

The newest issue of Democracy & Society, The Arab Spring: Looking Forward, is now available online! Dowload it here: D&S (934 KB)

This special issue is brought to you by and Democracy & Society

In this issue:
 “Civil Society and Democratization in Egypt: The Road Not Yet Traveled”, by Nadine Sika; “A Turkish Model for the Arab Spring?” by Asli U. Bâli; “Fuel Subsidy Reform in Post-Revolutionary Yemen: A Participatory Approach”, by Rafat Al-Akhali; “Military Decision Making During the Arab Spring”, by Daniel Steiman; “State-Society Relations after the Arab Spring: New Rulers, Same Rules”, by Sarah E. Yerkes; “Political Islamists: Trojan Horse at the Gate? Democratization in the Aftermath of the Arab Spring”, by Luciana Storelli-Castro; “Stagnant Competition in Egypt’s People Assembly”, by David Jandura; “Dreams Deferred: Co-opting the Mid East Revolts”, by Yousef K. Baker; “Human Development and Public Engagement: Making Transitional Justice Work for the Arab Spring”, by Maryam Jamshidi.


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