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Jul 14, 2011
Center for Democracy and Civil Society

Tabloid Cyber-Crimes

Courtesy of Getty Images.

The recent fiasco regarding News Corp’s Rupert Murdoch is likely not news to anyone who reads here, yet in line with some of my previous writings on cyber-crime I could hardly resist a brief touch on the issue.  Barak noted in response to one of my previous posts that cyber-crime is quickly escalating to a position of prominence for governments around the world, and I expect this scandal to add fuel to the fire.  Cyber-crime mingling with corporate espionage is on a certain level a new addition to the issue, and it should be interesting to see how this combination of cyber-crime and corporate interests plays out in the United States.
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Jul 11, 2011
Center for Democracy and Civil Society

Governance, Development and the Speed of Change

I will soon be departing Nanjing for Suzhou and Wuhan, the next stops on my meandering trail across China.  I’m not sure what all there is to be said about Nanjing, the city is gorgeous and distinctly different from anywhere I’ve been so far in life.  It is also distinctly “Chinese”, offering a rich blend of opportunities to observe ancient Chinese history as well as the nation’s more recent experiences.  From the memorial of Sun Yat Sen and the Ming Tombs to the modern history housed in the Presidential Palace, Nanjing has exposed me to much that I couldn’t have picked up from a textbook.
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Jul 2, 2011
Center for Democracy and Civil Society

Discussions of Repression

Interestingly in just the first few days here in China I’ve found a host of opportunities for conversation on issues of Chinese governance, few of which I’ve even had to instigate.  At least here in Shanghai politics seems every bit as relevant a subject of discussion as it is in the states, if not much more so.  Yesterday I learned, purely as a result of the absurd congestion on the metro that it was the 90th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).  I was thoroughly pleased by the unexpected and spirited discussions of the party’s successes and failings over the decades.  It was very nice to have people assume that I’m aware of world politics as a result of recognizing me as American, I’m used to quite the opposite.
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Jun 12, 2011
Center for Democracy and Civil Society

Internet Access as a Human Right?

Image courtesy of the Ethiopian Review.

Questions of human rights are a recurrent theme in contemporary international politics, and with a recent United Nations report the tangled web of internet freedom has been drawn into that mix.  Though on one hand my nerdy little heart swells at the concept of internet access being defined as a basic human right, on the other I am both shocked at the decision and curious regarding whether or not it means anything.  Clearly the decision is in part a reaction to the events underlying the Arab Spring, yet some of the issues touched upon in the report are clearly tied to problems which strike much closer to home.
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Jun 1, 2011
Center for Democracy and Civil Society

Cyber Attacks & Acts of War

I’ve written here a fair bit in the past on the subject of cyber-crime and its impact on international affairs.  Given the years events those in the sphere of international relations have been abuzz with discussion of the social impacts of the internet on political change.  Typically discussion has largely revolved around social media, yet the importance of technology in modern conflicts is inarguable.  the world grows increasingly interconnected and ever more dependent on the internet for all manner of activities, cyber-crime becomes an ever more dangerous threat.  Now it seems the Pentagon has moved to take an even harder stance on cyber- attacks “acts of war”.
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